6/27/2017 1:52 PM

    1.Civics Test

Our Web program is a very easy, convenient way to prepare the 100 citizenship questions published by the USCIS.

*Study Civics Queations/Answers one by one - clicking the buttons you can study questions in sequencial or random order.

**Listen to Civics Questions/Answers in standard American English - clicking the sound icon you can listen to the questions at normal or slow speed, listen to the answers at slow speed. The Audio files are recorded by a Standard American English speaker.

***Practice Civics Queations/Answers - Clicking the "Show All", "Hide All", "Show Question Text", "Show Answer Text" you can
practice your reading, listening, answering question skills by different ways.

****Test yourself - You can take our Simulation Civics Test. This test simulates the real interview civics test, it will randomly prompt 10 civics test questions out of the 100 USCIS civics test questions. You listen to the 10 questions, then answer them. And you can click on "Show Answer Text" to check if your answers are correct or not.

    2.English Test - Civics-based Reading/Writing Test

Our Product provides:

*Reading/Writing Material - For you to practice. The sentences provided by our product's civics-based reading/writing material are the types of sentences a USCIS officer may ask you to read/write in the Reading/Writing Test during your Naturalization Interview.

**Audio Material - For you to listen, to learn the prononciation, to practice reading skills. The Reading/Writing material includes audio for each sentence. You can listen to all sentences, and follow the standard English speaker's voice to learn how to read them, or try to wtite them according to what you hear.

***Simulation Reading/Writing Test - For you to test youself and to know what the reading/writing test you expect. The simulation test just like the real test, each time when you take it, it will randomly prompt 3 sentences to ask you to read/listen and write. And the sentences are the same type the USCIS Office will ask you, have the same topic with the USCIS requires, and have the same vocabularys with the USCIS released vocabulary list for Reading/Writing Test.